Air Max Day 2018

Well, the highly anticipated Air Max Day 2018 has come and gone, and I have to admit that I’m a little sad (actually, a lot sad…like full-blown depressed) because I wasn’t able to score a pair of the 1/97 SW that I have LITERALLY been waiting a whole year for, ever since the Sneakeasy event last


Guess who’s baaaack? Ugh, I know…I’ve been the world’s worst blogger.  But you know, sometimes life gets in the way and between family, my other jobs and my photographer’s own busy schedule, it’s been rather tough to coordinate and find time to shoot.  Adulting really blows sometimes.  Mark my words though, I will definitely be

“OFF CAMPUS” by Virgil Abloh

Last Friday, I trekked down to Wall Street to check out “OFF CAMPUS” – an installation by Virgil Abloh, showcasing his most epic collaboration with Nike yet.  The collab, appropriately titled “The Ten”, features ten of Nike’s most iconic sneakers deconstructed and remixed by the talented Off-White designer. Upon walking in, the first thing I noticed was

Kith me…I’m back!

Sooo I know that it’s been almost three weeks since this much anticipated Kith x Coca Cola collab was released, but that’s also pretty much the same amount of time that I’ve been laptop-less.  My beloved MacBook Pro that I’ve had since 2011 decided to finally take an L after running on back-in-the-day-AOL-dial-up speeds for

Iro-ochi: Just in time for Summer

You guys remember the sick bombers from Iro-ochi Premium Denim that I featured here on SWB awhile back?  Well, Iro-ochi is back with their Summer ’17 collection, and trust me when I say…it does not disappoint.  The collection includes baseball jerseys and long distressed tees, and in true Iro-ochi fashion, they did not play it

Yeezys: My First & Last

Those who know me know that I’ve been collecting sneakers for quite some time now, which is why I never find it surprising when someone asks me why I don’t own a single pair of Yeezys (and believe me, I get asked this question more often times than not).  And my answer to them is